Health & beauty

Statestrong manufactures a wide range of Health & Beauty products which are distributed world-wide.


Each month millions of products leave our factories - each one manufactured to the highest standards.

Industrial, automotive & janitorial

We manufacture for every level of the Automotive, Industrial and Janitorial market place. Our products fill the shelves of original equipment manufacturers, international and national trade and retail wholesalers. We make hundreds of own brand products for specialist suppliers, everything from ion exchange pigment paints to synthetic lubricants. Our brand or your brand, Statestrong does it all.

Private label

Statestrong is much more than a supplier, we’re your manufacturing partner.
We can package our technology under your brand name so that you can extend your product ranges without the manufacturing costs.


Statestrong is a world-class manufacturer of Health & Beauty, Household,
Automotive and Industrial products. We export to over 64 countries.